Monday, December 5, 2016

JJCM : Throwback Penang Street Art

Morning guys,

This was JJCM entry which is stand for Jalan-Jalan Cari Makan. Usually I review based on my road trips with ex-araurians and ex-schoolmates here in Kedah. Usually on this post, I didn't comment much  about it just throw back and sharing beautiful memories I have been there and the uniqueness of Penang Art Street and their street foods.

On first trip, I join Farah and Fatin walk around Penang and have fun in explore the Street Art. Here we go!

First of all, lets see the  result on our street art hunting in Penang.

Got free maps at Bicycle shop, and find the 1st  street art 

Take a break a while in front of Ice Kepal shop

Beside Ice Kepal shop

Hi penarik beca..

too smokey

waiting for some soya drinks guys?

The little Elephant!!

vromm! vromm!

Meow soldiers

breathe taking 

In front the temple 

Somewhere in the middle of grass field

Nan- cheese Chicken Tandori in Restaurant Kapitan

Last at the end of street art hunting, we drop by in Restaurant Kapitan located opposite of Kapitan Mosque. The recommended menu were Nasi Kandar Kapitan and their Chicken Tandori which is really delicious, it's finger liking taste. ahaks :P

End hang out day in Penang. 

~Rakyat Jelita~