Friday, December 3, 2010

juz updating ;)

Did you just wake up?
-nope, i wake up early this morning...but now already 11.50 p.m.
Who’s car were you in last?​​
- my dad's car...
When is the next time you will kiss someone?​​
-in future..haha maybe..
What color shirt are you wearing?​​
-Yellow...huh what wrong with this survey??
Last movie you watched?​​
-dunno..can't remember tho!
Last thing you ate?
Last thing you drank?​​
-Liptone's teh..felt like i'am older than my age ;)
Last person/​​people you went out with?
-my buddies...hang out..yeah! love it.
Last person you shake hands with?​​
-huh can't recall it.
Where did you sleep last night?
-my room lor...
Are you happy
right now?
What did you say last?​​
-howkeaiya!!! ...[its mean really cute in mandarin]
Where is your phone?​​
-maybe in my bed...huh i really didn't care much where is my phone if i was in home..
Where was the last museum you went to?
-padi museum..
What color are your eyes?​​
-brown i think...not really sure..
How was your weekend?​​
-its totally boring...i sleep all day...
When was the last time you had your heart broken?​​
-i'm not gonna answer this..T_T
Who/​​what do you hate/​​dislike currently?​​
-should i mention this??? know who you are...
What are you listening to?
-Sorry by Buckcherry
Are you excited?​​
-excited for what?
What is your favorite store?​​
-i don't want to list it all here =p
What day is it today?​​ i rite?
What were you doing at midnight last night?​​
-finish my movie stock..aha!
Are you left-​​handed?​​
-nope,i was right-handed..
What’s for dinner tonight?​​
-urm...dunno yet...
What is the last alcoholic beverage you had?
-huh? what kind question is this?
When is your birthday?​​
-8 OCTOBER 19**
How tall are you?
-maybe 164cm...but that was 1st time i'am in uitm...guess! how tall are me now..=="
Who made you laugh today?​​
-my jeung syuk oppa~ hahaha i watch ANJEL today....
Do you have any expensive jewelry?​​
-huh! i don't like it..i don't think i suit with me..
-none as listed.
Where do your cousins live?​​
-all over Malaysia..seriously
Would you consider yourself to be spoiled?​​
-no i'm not..
What was the first thing you thought when you woke up?
-whats time is now?
Do you drink beer?​​
-nope,its forbid to drink.
Myspace or Facebook?​​
Do you have T-​​Mobile?​​
What was your favorite subject in school?​​
-Arts!..hahahaha =)
Do you smile a lot?
-hell yeah!
Do you have any talents?​​
-dunno...never figured it out yet..
Have you ever been in a wedding?​​
-yess! of course..hahaha..tipu!!
Do you have any children?​​
-no..but in future may be..
Ever met someone famous?​​
-yup! yup!
Do you want to be famous one day?
-huh? do you think i'll be?
Whats one of your favourite things to do?
-eating,sleeping,shopping,traveling & blogging..
Ever been to Las Vegas?​​
-nope,but i'll go someday...
What are you doing today?
-updating my lil blog..
Have you ever been gambling?​​
-what was gambling stand for?? =="
When is the last time you updated your blog?​​
-1 day ago.
Have you been to New York City?​​
-haish! whats wrong with this question??? i'm not travel a lot! even i love travel!
Ever been to Disneyland/​​world?​​
-and again? nope!
Do you have a favorite cartoon character?​​
-of course i have...should i mention here?
Last thing you cooked?​​
-chocolate cake...yummy!
Last time you cried?​​
-last night, its so hurt..=( can't explain it by words..
Last time you were sick?​​
-i'm always sick..until now..
Do you think anyone will report this?
-nope, they just copy it..


~Rakyat Jelita~