Saturday, July 16, 2011

Bankers & Invest Happy Together.

Salam u'olls!

just a short update about the trip invest+bankers. Just updated about picture.let's picture told everything. Its fun and enjoying. Really hope have another time with them :)

Nur Laman Bestari, Ulu Yam.
[at first menginap kat sini dulu]

Tokey2 Durian

BBQ buah-buahan tempatan

ini lah pemandangan resort toh

Bankers and Invest together :D

Paintball time :)

Rumah Prof. Siti Hajar, lepas tu kiteorang menginap sini pula

Bursa Saham Malaysia (BSM)

tengok harge saham...hee~

Bankers wif that penceramah..

Lunch time. Yummy!

Siap ade desert. Luv it!

Anas 's 22yrs Birthday Anniversary

Snowflakes I-city Shah Alam


Floria Putrajaya

The BEST lecturer we ever had, distributing cheesecake for everyone. ♥

little teddy bear gift from Prof. Hajar. cute isn't?


A billions thanks to Prof. Siti Hajar Mohd. Ali

Really enjoying this trip
and again thanks a lot everyones

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