Friday, April 5, 2013

Hi.. I miss them! and i need vacation please..


this week such as a hectic week. Settle all the document for internship,all cover letter,resume,head letter n etc. and at the same time doing all those assignment legal and ICM.

oup perhaps my lovely ICM's lecturer always talking about capital market then he mention about me on his classs, "Yeah you the Invest's student learn more than others, Yeah you DIIA student". Yeah the only me, his student which from DIIA course.

Yeah! the only was me! I really love those attention. *sangat la* =="

but its okay, honestly I really love investment, my ex-classmate which is Investment class, its keeps remind me about them. Yeah, recently i've post such as old photo on my facebook wall. Honestly, I miss them. :(


them. at KB branch. 

I wanna go back to the past, i want to choose finance instead of Islamic Banking. But no regrets, YOU ARE THE CHOSEN ONE. yeah keep telling my self,*positive mind*, I was being choose to be in this new course. Sometime i give up, because this course a lot of theories that I really HATE it. But, please dont give up FAHIMAH. just another year to wait.

since, i have learned about ISLAMIC BANKING, its pretty awesome maybe, yeah i mean you are the chosen one to be  here, to lead the other and exposed them how financial institution can be done through Islamic ways. Its really good and interesting challenges actually, since these are new issues coming up. Yeah ISLAMIC BANKING still new in the market, so its give you JOB opportunities, why should your regret that?

most of all bank wants someone who is experts in ISLAMIC BANKING system. Are you the one?. try harder and be smarter FAHIMAH. There is no way to success unless you are really smart enough. Since it is a new course in the market, there is no PJJ or PLK course for this subject, so, I cant extend for that to get job. so, just study first. get you FIST DEGREE HOLDER first. okay FAHIMAH. its enought for today.

but dont be sad, you got new friends in here isn't? those who always makes you smilling. yeah them! a new friends, at the same time it was your current housemate, advance maybe your new crush hahahaha. kbai.

Them. BM2295A. loves!

Henshem! Kacak2! gila2!

Loves by me ,
Fahimah :)

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