Saturday, September 28, 2013

Part 1 Internship : FRD's

Hows ur intern?

People keep asking and I just said  yes its pretty good!

Take a look on these pictures, you know how does my intern progress.

My new table,before this I used to used pantry table since there is no place to me yet.

My lovely mentor,KakDiana but unfortunately she's already leaving us for Government's Job.

Jamuan raya? I still have it even its already too late. -Last day Syawal actually by Customer Service Centre AKPK.

My department were I placed to. FRD's. Stand for Finance & Report Department.

Its Farewell for KakDiana. Last day for her in AKPK. 

              Work n eat!

Yeah! This is toilets where people loves to snapping pictures.

Guess? Erm its night view from my rent house in Sentul.

I got pretty good roomates, her name is Nur Fatihah, yeah she is friendly, we used comes from same hometown. I means she is Kedahan too, but she's from Kulim. The next door from my room were theres another 2 rooms in this house. 

One sister are too nice which stayed in single room. The other room which is master bed room are old housemate, master bed room also share room, were it living for two mates. One is Kak Shah, she's also friendly but another one, I dont know how to called her, because shes like to alone with her businesses, you know what I mean, she keep the rules like MYOB. So, I just ignored her.

Over there is Night Market, not too far from my rent house. But i never been there. I have no friends to ask out here. So, just watch it from home.

Alone? Lets eat this alone and keep calm.

Morning olls! I have to continue sleep like theres nothing I can do. 

xoxo ;)


  1. untung la FIMM aku pon suka time makan je hahah

  2. haha sape tak suka makan free kan nomi?


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