Monday, October 14, 2013

Hang Outs Days!


Last Friday, I have to meet my adviser regarding my proposal submission so, for that day I've apply an half day leave. [Flashback] One day before Friday, like wise I finished my last sentence of my proposal. It is a bit late for my sleep schedule that night.So, I ended sleep at and guess what happening on the Friday morning.
If you known me for long time, you must can guess correctly. Yeah correct! I known what your thinking!

What a bless, I've apply leave for half-day means, I ignore the other half-day were I miss it. HAHAHA. I dunno how to face my supervisor on next Wednesday. Btw, today was Monday and I still work when the others are take their leave for Raya Haji. So, its so empty when looks at the office side.

What I want to share is last weekend hang out with my beloved Bestfriends.

Meet  Rie and Jie [Friday's night]

Since, this Eid Adha I only got a day leave for public holiday and didn't back hometown, so I decide to accept Jie's offer. She want to stay for while in my Rent house til Monday[today].

Having a  Karokks with Ika n Rahil.[Saturday]

Actually it is Rahil's Birthday for that day. So, we just let her happy.
Even I don't really good in singing, I still want to participate, it had been long time I didn't hang out with them since I enter my internship. So, why not rite?
Its only cost RM13 per head, it takes 3hours for enjoyed our Karokks with free drinks. Pretty Good isn't?

End of Saturday, I ended waste my money in SOGO. Aiyo, I've stuck here since Rahil and Ika stepped on the middle of Sale promotion. I knew! Everyday SOGO had their promotion. So, I ignore it. But Ika had bought a pair of shoes and I ended bought 2 Bloused. How easy me to be influenced.T_T 

You knew what I means, the situations almost same to picture below. How easy women can be trick with this kind of promotion. 

copied from Google's image
Yeah! Ika & I was normal women like the other people who's will be easy to be tricked that way.
This situations remind me to my friend's formula. Its genius!

Taufiq Helios
Cool isn't?

I think I'm being a Donkey. Look at my wardrobe, its full already!
Every time, I got my income, I buy some clothes, I need someone to stop my bad habits. omg!!!
Its all mine. Can you believe it?

Today chit-chat with Ika.

Haha funny! Thanks God my way back to rent house are opposite to SOGO, so it help me to reduce shopping habits. 

Meet MoksMoks[Sunday]
Snapped by him

At the first I thought I'am the one who's excited to buy stuff  at DAISO, but you know what, you can't imagine hows Moks filled up my basket with his stuff. =.='. Actually Moks is not anyone, he just friend of mine, don't misunderstood. He just friend, yeah sometime I did felt something different toward him, but I can't because he already have girlfriend. Heee wished him happy with his beloved partners. So don't worry I still consider him as my closed friends and don't worry I'm still Single.

I give rating 4 star for escape
I like to gives some comments to Escape, Its bit awesome movie I watched so far, at the beginning it a bit boring, but at the middle its fun and added with some humor. It ended with awesome ending. The best part I love the ending of this movie. Smile sarcastic and Boom! haha. Uolls should watch this.

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