Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Happy Eid Adha 2013.


Part 1.

Oct 15th,2013-Eid Adha.

Today, I just back to my Mama's Hometown which is placed in Kg. Sijangkang, Teluk Panglima Garang, Selangor. Just one day leave, it is not worth to back Kedah. Sorry Moms ;(

conversation with my eldest sister

How sad it is. Yeah I just back to Klang for Eid Adha, not back to Kedah. Calling Mummy at night at GrandMa house, it makes my heart hurt. Plus when I hear moms voices without I realize my eyes started crying. Moms, I promise next Eid Adha you not be alone. I didn't sympathies on my self, but what I sad about mom. When I'm not around, no body help her prepared for the Eid's Food preparation. Its my first time celebrate Eid without mom, usually even I didn't back Kedah, mom will come over to Grandma House. But today,  Mom did not come, since last 2weeks Moms already accompany Nenna, so she decided to accompany  Dad for the Eid Adha. I only celebrate Eid Adha with Nenna, Aunties, Uncle and some cousin here, not really happening since it was Eid Adha. Eid Adha only got a day leave for public holiday. Usually in Kedah, Eid Adha will be more fun than Fasting Eid's Day. They have a lot of activities such Qurban for "Akikah" and annual family gathering, besides in Kedah it gives more for public holiday.

Hurm, like Mom said don't compared the differences. Every placed have their uniqueness. Its first time for Mom did not celebrate Eid Adha with her children and It first time for me too. Since, Brother, Sister and Me are here at Grandma's Hometown. While Moms, Elder brother and Dad are in Kedah.

Today, I learned a lesson, I'll try apply jobs near to My hometown, I want Mom always beside me. I want take care Mom n Dad more than anything. Now, what most precious to my life is my parents. They is more than anything. So, I decide to take care them till the end of my life.

Today lesson i learned:

cousin's conservation via fb

Both of us didn't back to our real family, this is my cousin started his internship in German and I just started in KL. We are on the same boat.

Part 2.

How time flies. Picture below what happening lately:

My friend's E-day. I have miss it. :(

Its Milia's N-day! Huh her's engagement, I miss it. Now, his "Nikah" also miss. Aiyo ape punye kawan la Fahimah nie!..Since I have been not used my Celcom Whatsapp, I didn't known that, Milia has invited me to her Nikah's day. Erm my mistake again. So, Cyta[pink Hijab in the picture] asked me why I didn't come to Milia's Nikah day. Answered: I have no idea! :( . I'm so jealous seeing their pictures, it had been long time didn't meet them.

I asked Cytah to remind me about Milia's Wedding on 23rd November. So keep in ur mind kay!

Sorry Milia, I didn't comes for ur big day. How bad are me. Congrats to both of you, Hafizi & Milia.
I promised will attend to your wedding okay, I've promise to come with Cytah.

Now, it Miera's E-day.

Mierra's E-day

Miera gettin married! woah! I didn't expect this! her's engagement are totally make me shocked. After watched her pictures, immediately call her!. She also one of my closed friend, how come I didn't known she already engaged. Woah unexpected! Congrats dear! I'm happy for you!

Next year, my calender will be colorful with wedding event from my dearies friends. How old are me. -.-"

Lately, I being pressure from some aunties's question, like 'Do you have boyfriend?, When you want to married?. bla...bla...bla...
why I felt that I'm gettin old ha?
Do felt alike too?

Last weekend I having chit-chat with Ika, and this lucky girl has said that:
1. Every time I asked your out, you hang out with some guys?
2. You don't have any girl friends?
3. I wonder why you don't have any one special until today.

Speechless. That is I can do. No! that guys only my friends that I used to hang out when I need them help like going any far placed like Shah Alam, Cheras like that la. You knew I doesn't have any transport. So, I asked them to help me. I'm don't take them for granted. I paid fuel since I asked them out for help. But sometime they didn't accept my money. So, just thankful, at least still have gentlemen friend to help me out.

2nd answer. Since you talk like that, is not you are my friend of mine? You said like you and I are opposite gender. Huh! I'm not mad over you dear friend. I have some girl friends, sometime when I asked my girl friend out, their busy with their partner and it is not wrong rite asked some guys to help me out.

3rd answer. You wonder why I still single?. Yes, I'm single because I'm not ready being relationship again. I don't want to chase any one anymore. If they like me, they will chase me. I don't want any kind of relationship anymore. What I want is just Married!. No boyfriend its okay, I still survive.

Suddenly I found this statement from my colleague, I re-post this to my blog for sharing. Its true actually. This what I want in relationship.

what important in relationship?

Attention added with Honesty!
Happy Eid Adha uolls!

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