Saturday, July 19, 2014

Part 4 Internship: I'm Done.

Assalamualaikum and good evening everyone.

Its been past a week since my internship done. No farewell since I'll be continue as temporary staff there. So, I just ended the internship post by this post. About 3 weeks starting from 18th January 2014 untill 2nd February 2014, I'll fully utilize my off-days from the hustle bustle city and real works. 

So, I decides to back to my dad hometown located in Kedah. Get a beauty holiday here till I'm gettin fatter! Leulz. 

Hope gettin fat haha but mom scold me to not drink this.

Mean while, even I already got a job, I still going my interview and most of them in banking areas. I really wish I can start my real career in banking service. But its okay my dear, just taking the temporary jobs as some of experience. Its okay think about experience. Be patient. There are some reason all this happen. 

Recalled back my internship period, I were happy works with them ;)

     Meet KakDiyana who always teaching me how the real works done. Thanks a lot KakDiyana even I just known you for a while.

        Knowing Azie as new friend in Giant's food court. Unexpected she was friendly and beautiful. 

Before KakMila(Pink Hijab) leave for permanity leave. Hah KakMila who always supply us foods in FRD's.

 Meet Epul & Pako. Cika's fans addictic.

      New year's celebration

           Cika as my officemates

 Yana, Pako n KakTim yang happening.

Kak As who is not in the picture, thanks because keep accompany me while no body around.

Erk almost forget there also Nanie, always be my lunch date almost everyday. Hehe

           That Indian girl is KakLoges and the right one is Nanie,she gettin married this year. Woah happy for her. 

KakLoges who always scold and supervise us. En. Ezreen which is our manager whos keep always allowed me to get off day. Big Boss, En. Suzaidi who always makes a jokes. Thanks all FRD's members.

 Thanks God, everywhere I stay with. I always with somebody who love cooking and nice. 

 Meet Nomi, my classmates from Arau Diploma. Funny and fun and lovely.

And also Hanis. 

Hanis this lovely girl sometime accompany me when nobody arounds on weekend. Thanks.

Yeah stay best friend til ever. Almost my friends they are chubby but still cute. Hehe thanks a lot syazwan. Who always help me going anywhere I want. 
Yup we are just friend. Not more than that. He got his life. And I got my own life. 

Okay next. 

    Mira and Atika who made my day.

Others classmates, those like to hanging out. 

 And my precious of lovely family.

And thanks for my only mom. I love you till death we appart. 

Love you moms. Thanks for your support until I complete my internship. I almost give up but its all because your courage, so I make it till this. Thank you mom. 

Completed my thesis. I hope pass with flying colour. Insya Allah.

Thats all my colourful journey while completed this intern. I wish thanks for all of you. For those who not mention, thanks also help me for this time being. Lots love from me. ;) 😘

Till february I'll post how the real works progress. See uolls soon. Much love from me. Salam

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