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Another phase of my life : Career II

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Yeah quite old post but just spent some times to updates since I've no works to do. Another updated post for uolls, enjoy it!

Finally graduated on Bachelor (Hons) Islamic Banking. Only got second lower class. Yes, a bit shame, I admit I'm not clever but at least I'm thankful and bless that officially graduated on time. So, should thankful with all things happens. Syukran Alhamdulillah. 

But what most important is result doesn't matter, what’s matter what does you do now, I'm thankful to God because I were not being unemployed too long after I graduated, last time I had practical at AKPK they absorb me as contract staff, almost 3 months work there as a contract staff and finally got offer from CIMB Group Berhad as contract staff about a year contract. It’s doesn't matter actually, even contract I accept it because I know  I need to learn since I aware that I'm only fresh graduate with no experience, so this advantages to learn professional work to developed my start point of my career.

    This is our first class of Training in CIMB

Left ( Atikah) ,Right (Iffah)  and in the middle was me My lunch mates actually there is one left which is Kak Norma, if you can looked at first picture, she was at middle beside Kak Suhana (wear CIMB T-shirt), Kak Norma wearing black Hijab. She also one of our lunch mate.

On early month, about one week have training with Kak Suhana, at the morning, we stay beside our Buddies (senior) and on the evening, we got to attended training class.

So far it’s really fun, you know the environment in CIMB, our senior quite friendly because most of them is between our age, I thought I may haven’t make friends here, but on my 1st duty, I found new friends which is same age as me as well, so you may not felt awkward at all. So, they are the one which always hang outs with me during lunch and so on.

This is my 1st Buddies which you may know as senior actually. At the beginning I thought she is older than me, so I call Her Kak Uye, it funny that actually she was just same age as me.

Atikah,  me,  Mia, Ruby and Syca.
After a month, Iffah left CIMB without any notification or not inform us a bit, and Kak Norma, didn’t changes their lunch schedule. So,Atika, Ruby and Syca, we remain at the same lunch schedule. You may notice new lunch mates isn’t? The pretty one, Mia. She’s quite pretty and friendly, and she from Maybank, but sorry guys, she already taken. Fully booked. Hiks :P

 First Pot Luck.
KitPhang’s Team: Izzaidah, Kak Afni, Auni, Lisa,Kak Dee, Niza, Kyna and Kak Faezah. Last our Team supervisor, Kit.


Niza & Kak Dee's Birthday Celebration

 Hari Koperasi : Selling our Kek Batik

 All MIO team members

Kiah Propa Group (closed group)  to Mallaca

 at the Beach with KiahPropa



 Aidilfitri CIMB’s Celebrations

 Aidilfitri Celebration by our Department at Silka Hotel, KL

Memories Chow Kit Road


 Kiah Propa Trips at Lost World Tambun
Fire Drill CIMB from Level 12

Dewali's Celebrations by CCO

with our Team Manager, Mr Jason Chua

Team Bonding at Jogoya  StarHills Galery, Bukit Bintang KL

    Auni (uye) Last day Celebration

 Izzaidah’s Birthday Celebration

Dayah’s Last Day Celebration

At the end its my day!!
My last Day Duty and Kak Hajar‘s Birthday Celebration

Thats all from me, I’m happy with the environment in CIMB. I got friendly team members but It was too busy for me because I need to work about 7days per week without left.  But its good for fresh graduated to have experience with CIMB because they didn’t looked at your academic only they will looked for your work efficiency. Got a lot of experiences here, thank you all for your support during I’m here. I’m apollogies for any wrong doings during the period I were work here.  Lot of love-FiM  

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