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Travelogue : Chapter 1.

Hi Morning,

Its been long time since I'm not updated anything from this blog, since I make this private blog. I'm heartbroken. I admited. I dont want removes my ex from Facebook because I want you know, I'm more happy without you. That why I travel away, so I can enjoyed my self there.

I took a long leave but not too long just five days lil break for a while. 

I went to holiday to Padang, located in West Sumatra Indonesia which is I felt my self really calm and be appreciated. Those days really made my day.

Let me introduce, at the middle- Dayah and left side-Huda

 Let me introduces my new friends, at the middle which is Dayah and last was my schoolmates, Huda. This picture taken at KLIA2. We'r ready to depart hiks

Day 1:-

Arival at this Minangkabau Airport

Once we arrived, immediatley changes our money to Rupee currency.
Wuhooo! Felt like millionaire XD

Meet our Supir (Driver), Mas Adly

From the Airport on Padang, we went away to Bukit Tinggi which takes about 2hour & 30 minutes by car. So this is the time we talk like a sinetron movies in car. 

He bring us to one of the Bukit Tinggi Restaurant for breakfast. 

Got breakfast : Murtabak Mesir

     Walk around these area....

Too busy check in at these place...sorry :p

He also took us to Rumah Gadang which  is the minang's house located on Bukit Tinggi, so for 1st day just visited all the history sites of Bukit Tinggi just like you are joints an History academic visit. 😆😆😆

with Our Historical Librian

Its traditional's Marriage for Pepatih custom

End up tired on the middle of day. Then he bring us to the top restaurant in town.

Our 1st lunch which is Nasi Padang Garuda.

Stay on Padang, you wont felt hunger at all, most of 95% people are muslim, so you'll eat until you drop, all you need is money. Leulz 
P/s : must try all their fresh juices really juicy which is so fresh from the farm.

      Just looked at their fresh juice

Tips: By the way, if you ate Nasi Padang there is a way you should bear in mind if not they will charges your with mark up price. 

1. Most of the menus will set up on table, but just choose which one you really want to eat and worth it. 
2. So put aside menus you want to eat and which ones you don'ts. 
3. So just touch menus that you have choice. 
4. If you NOT following all step 1-3 , so the waiter will charges all the menus on table even you just touch a bit and its calculates as you eat all the menus. 

By the way if you think it worth to taste all the menus, just eat them!! You just come by from far away rite. But make sure you have cash in your hand leulz. But so far all food serves in Padang are affordable. 

Check-in 1st night.
       The Hills in Bukit Tinggi

It was our first day stayed at here, this hotel really pleasant to stay, reception really nice and give us free breakfast and also good room services.

 They'r too busy updating social network.

Since we'r in Padang, West Sumatra Indonesia, we just depand on free wifi at the hotel no need to buy local sim card. But you need to walk in group so no one lost. Hihi 

   Bed King size, just enuff for 3 of us

     Swiming pool

Many choices of breakfast from locals to western foods. 

Done review about this hotel. Lets move to another topic. 

At Padang, day first our supir taking us to one of  fabric marker in Padang. Take a looked there are much beautiful fabrics sell here, usually people from Malaysia buy in a bucks, so they can sells at our country in high price, cost of this fabrics quite cheaper here, so next time if plan to get married buys all fabrics in here.

Dayah demonstrate how to used this thing.

she just only 19teen, already expert doing this. walaweyy

At night, we went some walk to Pasar Atas at Jam Gadang located beside the Hill's Hotel, you just walk around 5 minit you will see Jam Gadang all the way from our hotel actually. Its a night market.

Actually it us just play around with those kids who depends money from foreigner like us.

Actually Pasar Atas is 3x cheaper than the other place if you plan to shopping in Padang, because this place is almost like  a night market actually, so you can negotiate until you satisfy with all prices. If you buy more they'll give more discounts. 

At this night market finally I bought 3 T-shirts for my sibling n friend and 1 Telekung for my moms  and also 2 pieces of hijabs since I didn't plan much on shopping, So I just burn of $DRP120,000 which is equal to RM37 on shopping stuffs. But I tell you what, they really can give your great price if you expert in negotiated all items you buy. 

This is Babso specials.


They add on Papadom and tauhu inside bowl for Babso specials. But taste not so special because it not the real Babso we looking for. ;'(

After finish shopping and walk around, we return to our hotel. 
End up shopping, Since it was our last day at this Hotel, we ask someone to take our picture in front of this Hotel.

Next Destination were on Danau Maninjau.

Danau Maninjau

Danau Maninjau or Lake Maninjau, meaning ' to look out across', is a volcanic crater lake located 38km west of Bukittinggi. Situated at 461m above sea level, the air is cool and pleasant. The lake is 17kms long and 8kms at it's widest and reaches to depths of 480m in some places.Lake Maninjau is one of the top travel destinations in Sumatra. A peaceful, relaxing place to sit and relax and enjoy the views of the lake. (credit to Google)

Kelok 44

There are 44 hairpin (called Kelok 44) turns on the journey down to the lake from the top of the mountain. Each of these turns are conveniently numbered on cigarette advertising billboards. I felt amazed with the sign board of the 44 hairpin, because every hairpin sign of Zikirul'Allah, which some signboards written of Allahuab-khbar, Muhammad, Allahamdulillah, Laillahai'allah and etc. It's shows that its keep reminds your of Allah every turns on the journey down to the lake from top of the mountain. Which is I really respect that kind of signboard instead some typical sign board were we found said that 'drive slowly and mind your family at home". As we drive and nothin to do as well as passenger or driver, zikirullah was good idea while driving along the journey.

Our Next Hotel :- Nuansa Maninjau Resort

Day 2:-

Its Day 2 if I'am not mistake, we stayed at this Resort because I've no other choice. Its the only place to stay in Danau Maninjau, and we are not expect the bills was that expensive. Per night its charges you about RM200 per room/per night. Its my mistake not book it early in before fly over here. Last time I've been reviewed this resort which only cost you below RM140 if you booked early through website. But since, we are too brave  and too confident said that, there is many hotel here, so we got this shit. By the way, its all about experience, if we dont do this, we may even knows. Then we learned.

Its okay, its nice views no wonder, the price quite expensive. They have lake views and also Spa here for your to relax. I think this place was so good for honeymoon, got SPA, got jungle tracking n also got beautiful scenery.


If talk about their Dinner and Breakfast Menus, since it was in ups the mountains, its offers you not much choice. I'm not so remember about dinner they offers, because their services quite slow. For breakfast just simple pastry, cereals, fried Mee, Fried Rice, Juices, Egg & Breads, Omelette & Sausage.

Morning views from Cafetaria

16 Celcius
Are you dare to swim at this weather? 

wifi? damn! its not working at all. 

Some may ask, why you must ask hotel's wifi if your are on holiday? Here the answers:-

We are traveler, we don't buy local sim telco or even travel pack telco. So once we at hotel, we'll updating our family that we are here. We stick together wherever we go, so we would not lost apart. it is a way what most traveler does.

One Restaurant at Kelok 44.
we make it here! Finally I got my fever because of 16 degrees Celsius. 

Just like Otak-otak, but cant recall what is this name, but it makes from prawn and been cooked like satay.

Lunch : Soto Ayam

Rice Chicken Soto, in Malaysia if its called Soto there is instant 'Nasi Impit' but here instead of 'Nasi Impit' they put real rice cooked in your Soto. hehe Quite differ from Malaysia. But well don't compare what they have with what we have. its their's signature right?

our journey turns down the roads

So, what we do in Danau Maninjau? its quite cold like Cameron Highland, but at the time its extra cold. If you can see the cloudy sky.

Day 3:-
We went to Buya Hamka if I'm not mistake.


 If you can see, Dayah is was the one most excited comes to this Historical Place, she loves booked published by Buya Hamka. We manage to spoke with one of the family of Buya Hamka which still alive and take care of this place. 

Some info for you to know about Hamka :-

Prof. Dr. Haji Abdul Malik Karim Amrullah, better known by the nickname Hamka (born in Batang River, Tanjung Raya, Agam RegencyWest SumatraDutch East Indies on 17 February 1908 and died in JakartaIndonesia on 24 July 1981 at the age of 73 years) was an Indonesian ulama, novelist, philosopher and political activist. (credit to wiki)
Notable workAl-Azhar Exegesis
Tenggelamnya Kapal van der Wijck
Di Bawah Lindungan Ka'bah

After spent almost most of evening at Buya Hamka Birth place, we continue our journey to a famous Coffee Stop stations.

Its quite late already, almost evening we went back to our resort to take some nap.
Its already 3 evening. I wake up at 5.30  what a long nap. So, decide to walk around the resort. We pay high price, I think we should take a looked how good is this resort. Even though I got fever over this place, but its not discourage my spirit to walk around. After prayer, so I decide get some walk with Huda & Dayah.
They plan to swim, but weather was so cold. 

Labu dalam Sangkar

In front of our resort.

Got fever but I manages get some air n walks with them

Day 4:-

We check-out from Nuansa Maninjau. Its greats view experience here. Whats our activities today, another foods hunting? HAHAHA we loves foods, we loves travels.

Today we went to Tea Shop its also located  at Danau Maninjau, so turns downs the roads, our first Hi Tea today at Tea's Shops, seem like Cameron Highland but its lil bit small.

Tea Shop & Factory

abaikan jerawat, mohon focus kat views belakang tu..

Hi Tea

Small garden over the Tea  Shop

Tea Herbal, you may taste here with free of charges. The Fried Banana you need to buy at your own. Tea Stop stations with small garden view, its looked warm and relaxed.


From Danau Maninjau to Istana Pagaruyung takes about 2hours and 30 minutes by driving a car, we stop somewhere near to Hilly Padang Panjang route which is knows ad Bika Talago, they sell pancakes called Bika.  Its rather chilly weather makes it perfect to enjoy some warm snacks, and Bika was sales with affordable price.

If you are familiar with Indonesian traditional snacks, you might be aware of Bika as a snack originating from Kalimantan - and made from potato. However, in eastern Indonesia, wheat flour is used, making a variant known as Bika Ambon after the city in eastern Indonesia. However, one of the most popular Bika Ambon, loved for its softness, is actually made in Medan, North Sumatra.One example of a great Bika stall in Padang Panjang is Bika Talago. The stall operates next to a tranquil lake, and the bika is priced at Rp 3,000 per piece. (Info credit to NationMultimedia)

Its was so cold!!!

About 2hour and 30minutes pass, we finally arrive at Pagaruyung Place.
Some info you may need to know:-
Pagaruyung Palace (MinangkabauIstano Basa Pagaruyuang) is the istana (royal palace) of the former Pagaruyung Kingdom, located in Tanjung Emas subdistrict near Batusangkar town, Tanah Datar RegencyWest SumatraIndonesia. It was built in the traditional Minangkabau Rumah Gadang vernacular architectural style, but had a number of atypical elements including three stories structure and larger dimension compares to common rumah gadang. 
Although today there is no king or royal family resides in this palace, since the Pagaruyung Kingdom was disbanded in 1833, the palace still held in high esteem among Minangkabau people as the descendants of scattered Minang nobles (bangsawan) still seeks their root and link to the former royal house of Pagaruyung. The palace has been destroyed by fire for several times, in 1804, 1966 and 2007. It has been rebuilt again and today function as museum and popular tourist attraction. (credit to wiki)

Pagaruyung Palace

views from rooftop


Treasures hunt???

Panorama Scenery (front)
Panorama scenery (back)

Next journey roads to Pantai Air Manis

ebbs and flows
Malin Kundang???? (si Tanggang)
Lets gain some knowledge :-

Air Manis Beach is closely related to the legend of Malin Kundang in West Sumatra. Malin Kundang is a character fabled to have been turned to stone, together with his ship, after periods of disobedience to his mother. By the beach, there is a Malin Kundang stone and several pieces of equipment from his ship, which are also stones. Based on the story, Malin Kundang was cursed by his mother for his refusal to acknowledging her as his mother after traveling to another region and becoming rich.
Air Manis beach is a favorite tourist site for local and foreign tourists because it has low waves and beautiful views of Mount Padang. 
(credit to Wonderful Indonesia)

Malin's Ship was curse have been turns to stones.

Sharing knowledge:-

If you can see,there is also a small island called Pisang Kecil (literally means “small banana” ) on its right side. From morning to afternoon, you can walk to this one hectare island through shallow water. In late afternoon, however, there is a tide and you must take a boat to return. On its right, there is another island called Pisang Besar (literally means  “big banana” ). Local inhabitants on this island are mostly farmers and fishermen. (credit to Wonderful Indonesia)

Done day Four. We ask our Supir to look for hotel tonight, seem our budget have been shortage lil bit, so he decide to let us stay at their homestay before return to Padang Town

Its a good deals, to stay at this homestay which have 3 rooms and 4 bathrooms and two halls. Fully furnished house with ASTRO included but no wifi. Its a big house and they give your free breakfast with affordable price of RM150 for one night stayed. Mas Adly the owner of the house, really good, they give your free breakfast and also take care this house while you go shopping even on daylight.

Fifth Day:-
Return to Padang Town, we need to find place to stay which is below RM130 per night, because we need to cut our budget for Airport Tax, meanwhile, Dayah only have 230 left. So, we decides to find just a motel near to Minangkabau Airport, so we wont takes much time for tomorrow. So Mas Adly, our Supir  bring us to these motel, we ask for smallest room. Never mind its just one night left. so it wont bother us. 

Bakso in Padang

Lunch have Bakso in Padang, quite differ with ones we ate in Bukit Tinggi. These is the real Bakso!!
At last, I satisfy with this trips, we manages to travels and also  foods hunting along the way with a short budgets.

KFC (instead of chilies sauce they called 'Sambals')

Whats funny story is, we thought that we already short of budget, but after make some calculations, we got another 300,000Rps. So we decide to bought KFC infornt our Motel. At the receptionist, we ask them to call for delivery, while waiting for responds,my eyes looked into the rooms prices. Another funny story, last time remember, we ask the receptionist to give us the smallest room in this motel, but I just realizes that she gives us the Big one. See! you never notice that with only of RM80, you got the Suite Deluxe Room per night. HAHAHA

Last night at Padang, finally we realize we only spent about RM500 for 5days4night in Padang & Bukit Tinggi. Its quite shocking after   we calculated our debt of each others. Leulz, next trips? we should maintain Backpacker.

If we can just stay at 3 star Hotel, I think we can cut our budget to RM350. By the way, we loves travels just for leisure and we like to try 5 star hotel. Only in Indonesia we can do so, because it really cheaper. You can get room in 5 star hotel with only cost your RM150 per night include free breakfast.

bye bye Bukit Tinggi! See you next time <3 td="">

Airport Taxes about 100,000 Rps
I bought 4 bracelets with only 8000 Rps

waiting to depart PADANG - KUALA LUMPUR

Check in about 8.20 am but for Malaysia time was one hour differ. We manage to  arrive early since our motel is quite near from the Minang's Airport. Minang Airport Check In baggage is open 15min before depart. so we have been here at 7.45 am already. so we just hang on at the Airport until they open. By that time, waiting for the counter open, I managed bought another souvenir at the Airport, just to finish my Rupee Cash. The International just give simple procedure, pay taxes, check passport then go inside boarding room.

Finally at 4.27 am I manage to post this entry after 3months I resign from CIMB, hehe
                                                                                 Next Trips I want go to Aussie!!!

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