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Travelogue: Chapter 4

Hi guys! Good Morning!

Let me see, yeah I've enough time to write some post for today, so what we gonna talk today? So a throwback post from Thailand? Lets check it up!

Today post I'll talk my travel trip to Krabi, Thailand. Supposedly, my actual travel partner were Samm, the one that I travel with in USS trip last time, but unfortunately Samm can't make it for this time due to her's family worried about weather condition in Asia. So, they not allowed Samm  going anywhere. If thinking back, its a bad weather actually for time being, haze anywhere in Asia. If you can see, our Healthy Minister told us to have precaution so that we just stay home and reduce outdoor activity. But since I have positive mind, I said this haze would not take a long time. The day I fly it will disappear. But still I can't persuade Samm to join me.*sight*

So Samm cancel and I'm alone. I said no matter what I'll take this challenge that I can travel alone. But God sent me, these two people, Ika and Wanie. They willing to join me for Krabi Trip. I'm truly grateful. Since they willing join me, my first plan I need to restructure back, so our activities more spontaneous. All transport from Airport I need to adjust back, I have to planning my last minute trip would be smoothly  as planned.

On the way to Airport by ERL


December 3rd, 2015.

Departed  from KLIA2 International Airport on 5.05 pm manage to arrive Krabi International Airport on 5.20 pm (to be exact 6.20 pm on Malaysia time). 

We took ground package tour by Go and Tour Travel tour. So, Mr. Mazlan pick up us on Krabi airport then drive direct to Go and Tour Travel tour office in Ban Ao Nang, Krabi that takes time about 45 minutes from Krabi International Airport. On his office, we met Ms. Nucha (local Thailand) she explained us about our trip itinerary for these 5 days stayed on Krabi. Since, we booked last minute ground package, so we only have to choose 7 islands stops long trip instead of Phi Phi Island. The important things actually people come to Krabi they MUST go to Phi Phi Island. But since it was last minute decision package we just need to accepted this. There are also other basic activities like Jungle Walk, Tiger Cave, Elephants Trekking that I’ll mention these later. For your information all the national park fees are include in all tour ground package, so you no need to bring extra money for the activities.

In front our hotel

Check-in at Haleva Sunshine, our first hotel around 7 pm. Hotel room cost around RM504 for 3 nights and 2 days. Unfortunately this was strict hotel, you must wonder why I said so right? Last time when I went to Indonesia, normally its okay if you stayed 3 person in one room right, but not for this hotel. It was strict hotel, when they know you are stay for 3 person in one room, they will charged you extra 450THB for each night. Located in Ban Ao Nang, Krabi. Its very strategic locations within 5 minutes walking time to the beach, restaurant, spa and shops. Hotel facilities are just so so, their provide free water heater, WiFi access, small fridge, private bathroom and swimming pool. 

Room view through shower room window (you can closed this window when take shower)

king bed enough for us

tinny television

swimming pool view

Mountain cliff view from our room  

But its a bit lack because this hotel haven’t provide lift and what they have only stairs. So if you comes together with family it not really suitable to old peopleBy the way, this hotel room not that bad because they got tidy and clean room, can you imagine, I love this hotel room because of the wide King Bed and enough for four person actually. Like you can roll on from right to the left peacefully. 

corridor 3rd floor lobby

Mini bar (only open at night)

They got Mini Bar only open during night which serve cocktail drink and beer, some time they got gigs live performed here. These are non-Muslim hotel, so we don't takes any meals in this hotel. For food hunting we usually find around the nearest Krabi Mosque by 5 minutes walk from our hotel. But no worries in Krabi they got 80% local Muslim from Patani, you can find easily Halal food here. Beside, they normally more fluently talked in Malay rather than English. So, no language barrier.

After looked around the hotel, right then we walked to the nearest shops to bought some breads, snacks and mineral waters for 3 nights stayed at the hotel. On the way to Haleva hotel before, we have seen Tesco about 1.5 kilometer away from our hotel, since on 7 pm in Krabi still brights, so we went to Tesco to bought some groceries shopping. We take a walk from our hotel to Tesco and manages  bought "Ayam Golek". Really big ayam golek and delicious Lokching (Thai street foods, usually we can found in Padang Besar, Perlis also).Then after some foods hunters, we continues our short walk to Tesco.

Johnson's Baby to be exact but they spell as "babi" HAHAHA

Pork are anywhere, strictly Non - Halal meat

Got taxi trucks on the way back to our hotel
After done shopping, we already tired to carry all the stuff we bought and we decide just to ride TukTuk or taxi Truck on the way back to the hotel.

night walk dinner nearby the Musollah (mosque)
During night we have dinner at nearby Krabi Mosque, they got night market around here, were you can taste a variety of Pad Thai (Thai pancakes/waffle). 

one day tour jungle walk on 2nd day

December 4th, 2015.
On Second day morning, around 8.30 am, they pick us on our hotel by minivan then arrive at Hot spring waterfall, we do have visit Krabi famous spring and enjoyed jungle bathtub with temperature about 38-40 degree Celsius, aside from the hot springs there are hot water pools which like spa system and good for relaxing.

Hot stream water pools

Natural Jungle Hot springs

Depart from Hot Springs Waterfall to Emerald pools takes half an hour walk in the rain forest to the pool. 
30 minutes trekking through the rain forest

almost arrives

small fresh water pool along side the walk to the emerald pool
Then we had visit largest pool called "Emerald Pond" which is never dries up and knows as a natural fresh crystal water in a jungle.

Emerald Pool

Sparkling crystal water pool

us, we did not have any intention to swim just soaks our feet here

See how clear it is :)

Around 12.30 pm noon we had lunch in Thai Restaurant in front of Crystal pool's entrance.

Tired face after a long walk

enough for 3 of us right? 

Coconut drinks give refresh feeling

On 1. 30 pm after a short break, we continue to Tiger Cave Temple. Based on local story this temple was inhabited by the last tiger of Krabi and now become a Buddhist temple and famous for meditation. Since it was include in the Jungle trip, we as a Muslim just take a short sigh seeing walk through the temple.

Two Tigers Statue and the one are missing hihihi

The big one gold statue same like in Batu Cave, Malaysia hihihi

at the of three statutes, there was stairs to the The Tiger Cave

starting point to the top

The summit to the temple is 2000 feet above the sea and consists of a steep stairway of 1300 steps. The climb is quite steep and not suitable those who afraid of height. The steps a filled of hordes monkey and scampering away when you get close to them. At the summit, stands a tall golden statue of lord Buddha which is also visible from the bottom. 

well knows as a steep stairway to heaven

a statue of lord Budda on top of the summit (credit to google image)

The panoramic view from the top is worth for climber hike to the top. For us, we does not manage to the top due to unfit stamina HEHEHE, but it really worth if one day can come and visit this place again. 

On the way back 

After lunch break, mean while on the evening of day two, we got another activities which is Elephants Trekking. The elephant is seen as a symbol of nation and talisman for the Thai people. Trekking tours usually takes about 30 to 45 minutes ride on the elephant, optionally combined with another sight seeing activity through our local agent.

Beginning of the riding

They (elephants) got soaking into the river

Elephants bathing tour

Final touch, picture of three of us :)

Above picture captured by Ilya, a sister also comes from Malaysia, she comes with her husband to Krabi for their honeymoon trips, we exchanges capture of photo, they help us to capture our photo and as well us also snaps on behalf of them. Nice shots from them.

Ilya and her's husband

Feeding a little elephant baby

After a ride elephant trekking, you guys also visit most camps directly just to observe and snap pictures with these elephants. Besides, we need to bought some food for them, usually bananas or pineapples to hand feeds them for few minutes. At the same time gives us an opportunity to touch them closely. After done capture photos, they transfer us back to our hotel.

Got some time, since our hotel have swimming pool facilities, after arriving on the Hotel, we direct to the swimming pool and enjoyed some break relaxing our mind.

kids never get tired

times to dry our clothes 

After prayer and short naps, at night we manages had a night walk around the Ao Nang street. We just realized that beside our hotel, there was facial and massage spa. Then after dinner, we got some thai massage and facial after a long tired activities. 

End of day two.

December 5th, 2015
On the third day evening, we have 7 Island Sunset Tour with BBQ Dinner and night snorkeling, since there are only 3 of us.  So, Nutcha arrange us to join the other group tour, because these trip are journey by a speedboat, which give a proper island cruise, including of 7 stops of Andaman Sea in Krabi. 7 stops refers to the number of stops made (Railay Beach- Koh Tan Ming - Koh Si - Koh Tub - Chicken - Poda - Plankton Stop).

while waiting others we are inside the trucks selfie

At Jetty queuing to a long tail boat 

Taken on the speedboat before change to a long tail boat
So at 12 pm noon, there a trucks of 4x4 pick up us on our hotel to the nearest jetty then we need to transfer to a speed boat after a while in deep sea water, we need change to a long tail boat visit. During this trip we had 7 stops at Railay Beach, Koh Tan Ming Island, Koh Si Island, Koh Tup, Chicken Island, Poda Island and a plankton stop near Railay. 

At first our stop should be in Phra Nang Cave Beach but due to water sea level, we can't do so, and skipped to the Railay Beach which is famous for clear turquoise water and white beaches, incredible kayaking paddle through the mangrove. The tour does not stop at Railay, but tour allowing us for some stunning views.

Then it's time to head out to the islands where you will swim and snorkel, Koh Tan Ming Island or knows as well as James Bond Island, the rock Island in front of Poda Island, before heading around the island for a spot of cliff jumping for those brave enough to try it - it's strictly optional and just as entertaining to watch over.  

Koh Si Island a rocky outcrop with many underwater reefs and caves that offers a bit better snorkeling than the average. 

maybe Koh Si Island I guess  

Pit stop to snorkeling and driving
There will be appear the head of the Chicken Island before the next stop at Koh Tub for some beach time or a walk across the sandbar that linked to Chicken and Mor Island nearby.

Chicken Island ( see the head of the chicken)

Some say it looks like a chicken, others say it looks like a Turkey Chicken. Whatever it is, we enjoyed the scenery and fascinating island.

Two connected Island at low tide

Tup Island
A Tup Island for some beach time and a walk across the spectacular sandbar that linked to Chicken Island at low tide.


Next stop are Poda Island, Koh Poda Island are the other large island with a coconut plantation at the center. A long tail boats all park at one end of a long beach where you can find toilets and some kiosks seiling snacks, mostly Thai food like BBQ chicken and Som Tam, fruits and drinks and ice creams. This part of the beach can get quite busy sometime but we walk for about 20 minutes down the beach and certainly find sections of completely empty beach.
20 minutes walk end of the beach

Main Landmark Poda Island

Ko Phi Phi National Park

a relaxing tree swing
Limestone rock
take a selfie
The most famous one being James Bond Island with its needle formed limestone rock which featured in the James Bond movie of "The Man with the Golden Gun". Sky almost dark, we enjoyed sunset view on Poda Island. 

Sunset view on the way back 

After dark, we head back to the mainland for a sit-down buffet meal at East Railay for about an hour break. We enjoyed a buffet dinner of Thai food and BBQ skewers. After having dinner, the crew entertained us with a fire dancing show under the stars. 

Dinner at East Railay Beach

our dinner

ignore the tanned skin :P

Fire Dancing Show

Then we head to the shore off Phra Nang Cave. Here,  we are lucky to obtain in a radioactive glow on Plankton stop, a trail of sparkles in the water with the harmless Plankton. Due to our camera's phone not really good, so we missed out to capture the moments of Plankton shows by the crews. There also others foreigners snorkeling and swimming with the phosphorescent plankton with sea conditions permit. After a long trips, we head back to the mainland and they give a ride back to our hotel. Around 8 pm we manage arrive at the hotel.

Since tonight are our last night in Ban Ao Nang, we decide to have last walks around and bought some soviners.

Fridge magnets and key chains

Ao Nang street

I'm not into shopping, so I waiting them in front of the shop

they got CIMB Thai here...
Don't worry if you don't have enough money, you just need to activated international transactions on the ATM card before you're flying here. Then you can withdrawn your money on CIMB account freely. No extra charges. 

End of day three.

December 6th, 2015.
On forth day, we check-out the Haleva Sunshine then Mr. Mazlan pick up us on 9 am morning, we went to Krabi town for our last night and check-in to Krabi Orchid Hometel.

In front of Krabi Orchid Hometel during night view

Cafe provide on the ground floor

starting our cycling ride through the Krabi Town

A night of this hotel cost us about RM94 only. Hotel room price shows hows the value of this hotel, this hotel room quite small and no wardrobe to hanging your towel. So far hotel room are disappointed me because of small room where you are hardly find space for prayer. Just like you open the room door then you meet your bed straight forward. Some positive side about this hotel, they provide laundry, wifi access, on site-cafe at the ground reception level and free bicycles for ride around Krabi Town. Located just steps away from weekend night market Krabi town. It is located just few meters away to vogue shopping center, mini-markets, added convenience airport shuttle rides.

along side to Vogue shopping mall

after zoomed 

Not much things to do in Krabi Town beside Riverside walk, since we already enjoy island hoping in Ao Nang, so in Krabi town we just focus on foods hunting, Krabi Streets and Krabi Night Market.

Riverside walk

a long tail boat for mangrove of Krabi River

King Crab monument 

Todak fish?

In Krabi town, they have 10 markets around the town from morning to night. We manage went to their walking street and night market only during our stay in Krabi town.

The Krabi walking street located on Maharat Road heading to Krabi town by passing left along Vogue Shopping Mall, here comes 'walking street' on the first Soi to the end of Soi, where we found variety of souvenir shops along the roads, food stalls and much more.

first Soi

night market

variety of key chains

Birthday Card / symbolic monument card

another of souviner


another type of lokching I guess

Bambo drinks

seems like baby prawn or idk


Prawn crunchy fried Tomyam flavor
We got lunch and dinner at Abdulloh Muslim Food restaurant, nearby to walking street. After some walk, dining and shopping, finally we return to our hotel. Take our laundry on hotel receptionist. Then have nice sleep for tonight.

December 7th, 2015.
On 7 am morning, we had to check-out early then Mr. Mazlan pick us for airport transfer.

Depart from Krabi to KLIA2

Our flight on 8.25 am in the morning, depart from Krabi International Airport then arrival in Kuala Lumpur International Airport 2 by 10.55 am. After arriving we got brunch on Burger King Fast Food and got to settle some calculation of our debt accordingly. Then we left the airport, we tooks ERL trains to KL central and exchange train to KTM Sg. Buloh. I follow Ika to her's house, because she promise me to sent me to Subang Airport for my domestic flight to Alor Setar on 4.25 pm boarding.

Thank you Go and Travel tour helps us find ground package in Krabi and also Big thanks to Hatyai Travel and Tour, Ms. Nutcha and Mr. Mazlan for their ground package in Krabi. These was full itinerary in Krabi, Thailand. Unfortunately, I forgot to inform about our total spending and how much we spent on 3 days tour activities, national park fees and spending in Krabi due to my short memory lost HIHIHIHI. But I think I spend about RM1.2k in Krabi include return flights, hotel and everything due to our Ringgit currency notes exchanges at that time worst at value, were when I exchange about RM110, I only got TBH800. So it is really not a good timing to travel this time. It's okay my travel experience much more worth than money. T_T

Thanks for reading by the way. 

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